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We have created all sorts of beautiful outdoor spaces from cool urban roof tops to edible window box displays and fun family gardens.


Whether you want your garden completely re-designed or simply want to spruce up what is already there, we are able to provide help to suit all budgets and needs. From planning through to planting we work hard to make your garden somewhere you can really use and enjoy. Sometimes the whole garden needs a rethink but often changing just one element, for example replanting a border or installing a water feature or a seating area is enough to transform the space.


The design process involves discussion, sketching, research and inspiration. Harmonious combinations of plants and hard landscaping materials, along with an intelligent use of space, form the basis of our designs.  Sprouts Garden Tool Characters


The first step is for us to carry out a site visit and to talk with you about what you want the design to achieve, any specific requirements or ideas you may have and an idea of your budget.  It can be difficult to visualise how the garden will work and it is important to be realistic about practical constraints – certain plants can only survive in certain conditions; some gardens require a huge amount of maintenance to thrive.  There are many different styles of garden (English Cottage, Wildlife, Jungle, Zen to name a few) and there are all sorts of creative solutions to issues such as building storage, creating privacy, incorporating space for children to play, seating and dining areas.   Once the site analysis is complete and the concept is finalised, a design and planting plan will be agreed on.


Alternatively, you may already have a clear idea of how you want your garden to look but perhaps need a little help to get it realised – we are happy to work this way too.



We keep busy weeding, pruning, feeding, mulching and advising on garden development so that gardens flourish year on year.  Each season brings its own tasks such as the planting of bulbs in Autumn for colour in Spring and the planting of bedding in Spring for colour throughout Summer.


We provide a flexible service to suit you and your garden, whether you want a visit once a week or once a year.   We can keep a low maintenance garden looking tidy or ensure exciting horticultural displays through the careful tending and combining of plants.


We offer one off garden tidy ups and also carry out all the regular gardening services you would expect: hedge trimming, lawn care, soil improvement, power washing, clearance, fencing, decking and paving.



For large scale hard landscaping projects which involve a lot of construction we work with carefully selected contractors.  For smaller jobs such as paving, decking, fencing, trellising, pergolas, raised beds, irrigation systems, ponds, water features and laying turf we will do the work ourselves.



Kids love getting muddy in the garden – digging up worms and chasing beetles. Our workshops teach them some gardening basics whilst encouraging their curiosity and giving them a sense of satisfaction and pride.  Planting seeds and bulbs and growing flowers and vegetables is lots of fun and they learn a bit about how nature works.  We run sessions in back gardens as well as in nurseries and schools.

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